What does financial wellness look like to you?

The key to your financial success is all about keeping a single dollar figure in the black for 7 days.


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$400 That's Our Number. What's Yours? After we found our number last fall, we started realizing all sorts of goals - now we're well on our way to freedom, and apparently Disney World, too. I feel like a new man: we have a plan and it's simple, so simple.
$340 That's My Number. What's Yours? The second time I applied to increase my line of credit was when I realized that I'm not actually a practicing doctor yet. People look at residents and they think we have lots of money. I had started to think it too. Now I'm spending my dollars wisely, so when I start my practice I can start my professional life on the right track.
$380 That's Our Number. What's Yours? We’d known Keith and Terry for thirty years when all of a sudden they just stopped having a life. It was a wake-up call. Like us they had given and given - first to their kids and then the grandkids and didn’t plan for retirement. So now we still give - first to ourselves each week and then to everyone else.
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