How it Works

Finding wellness that’s already there.

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Stage One

Your Financial Health Checkup

Financial health isn’t found overnight: that’s why each and every One Number Solution™ starts with at least a one hour face-to-face conversation. Over those 60 minutes we will discuss where you are today, what is on the horizon and what financial wellness looks like for you down the road.

  • What Wellness Looks Like What Wellness Looks Like

    We start by exploring what financial wellness looks and feels like to you. This forms the foundation of everything we do together.

  • Safety Net Analysis ™ Safety Net Analysis ™

    We examine your existing coverage and analyze what you actually need to ensure it matches your life today and tomorrow.

  • Reality Data ™ Reality Data ™

    Our team reviews no less than three months of your actual spending data in search of patterns and savings.

  • You 360° ™ You 360° ™

    We strive to appreciate your relationship with money to develop a plan that resonates with you and works for the long-term.

Stage Two Your One Number Solution™

All of our work is designed to give you one single number to think about – Your One Number Solution ™

Stage two can last anywhere from one to six weeks and is designed to provide you with financial clarity.

Your One Number Solution™ is a single number that accounts for everything in your life. It factors in the mortgage, car payments and every other bill or expense. It knows that you want a cottage on the lake or expect to be having a couple more kids in the coming years. It has taken all of your financial challenges and ambitions into account so that you can have one single number to focus on.

Your job is to keep that number in the black one week at a time. It’s that simple!

Stage Three Your Financial Wellness

With everything analyzed and your One Number Solution ™ uncovered, your Financial Prescription ™ is delivered.

Financial health comes from a prescription that works, as well as a long-term relationship with your financial team. Together, we’ll help you realize all of your financial goals!

  • Future Funding Future Funding

    Watch as plans become reality and your savings/investments start to pile up and up and up...

  • Financial Organizer Financial Organizer

    Included in your Financial Prescription™ is an easy to use paperwork organizer (statements, bills, etc.).

  • Safety Net Funding ™ Safety Net Funding ™

    Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything that matters to you is covered.

  • One Number On The Go One Number On The Go

    This useful mobile-friendly tool will help you keep track of your One Number Solution™.

  • Debt Countdown Debt Countdown

    There’s only one number we want to see go down and that’s debt. Check-in each month and watch your debt disappear.

  • Quarterly Planner Quarterly Planner

    Explore your thoughts and feelings on managing your One Number Solution™ with this easy-to-use Quarterly Planner.

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