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You’ve heard us talk about the One Number Solution™ — but as you know, we are biased! We have seen it change so many lives: reducing the stress and anxiety around money, and helping people to achieve their financial  dreams while still having a high quality of life today!  Don’t take our word for it though! Listen in on this young family’s experience and hear for yourself!

How we look at money has certainly changed, along with understanding how much we actually have when we pay attention to our buying habits.

What the Black Star team has given us is pretty simple. They’ve given us a new way to look at our money and our goals. Along with this new insight, they’ve also provided us with tools to reach our goals based on our reality.

Without their help, we’d still be spending ‘just to spend’ rather than making decisions for our future. Money shouldn’t be negative, and the Black Star team has helped shift our paradigm about it.

– Craig Jackson

We have been clients of Black Star Group for a few years, so when we began looking for retirement planning options, this was a natural place to start.

My husband and I both have decent incomes and fortunately very little debt, but with the expenses of running a house, two cars and two busy kids, there never seemed to be much left over for “extra” things like travel or retirement planning.

I am very hands-on with our finances: I always had a good handle on what was coming into the house and what was going out. Even with our incomes and very low debt load, I simply did not see where I could carve out enough money for these “extras”. Although a bit of our money was going to RESP’s and a modest savings account, we were essentially living hand-to-mouth. Very frustrating!

Wendy had mentioned the One Number Solution™  to us about a year before we started it and honestly I did not see how it could help us. There just wasn’t enough money left at the end of the month to do anything with: remember, I was an “expert” on our home balance sheet!

Wrong! We were in this situation and it bothered me. I finally asked Wendy to show me the plan. She asked for three months of our income/expenses, which I submitted, and within a very short time, she had a solution for us. It. Blew. My. Mind.

The One Number Solution™  reacquainted us with the concept of using cash again instead of plastic. What an eye opener! Every week, we have $XXX to spend after everything is paid, and we are doing it very easily! Every Saturday morning I jump out of bed and go to the bank machine, then I fill up my car with gas! As crazy as it sounds, it is actually something I look forward to!

In less than one year on the plan, we now each have TFSA’s, have been on a family Caribbean Cruise, installed a swimming pool in our yard and most importantly, have money in our account and are no longer wondering where it all goes! We Know!

With the One Number Solution™ , Wendy was able to help us “find” the money that was there all along: we just couldn’t see it! We made a few simple changes and it has made a world of difference. I do not feel like I have made any sacrifices; I do not feel restricted or deprived. I actually now feel empowered, confident and secure. We still have work to do, but our future is bright and I am excited!

– Cherryl Oake

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